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Cork Closures


Amorim offers a portfolio of closures to suit each wine market segment and employs state of the art processes to ensure the highest quality closures in terms of sealing abilities and sensory performance.


Floor Coverings


Amorim Flooring develops distinctive, elegant, resistant and comfortable products, using a material whose qualities science has not yet been able to surpass – and which has proven environmental benefits – cork.


Wall Coverings


With a variety of patterns, textures and colours to choose from cork wall coverings creates a warm and elegant atmosphere, with a natural and noble touch, while ensuring greater acoustic and thermal insulation of the building.


Design & Applications


Cork has unique properties that no technology is able to emulate, recent advances in R&D and innovation allow the high technical performance of this 100% raw material to be enjoyed like never before.

A friend for life.


With 2.7-million hectares of cork-oak forests worldwide, and more than 725 000 hectares in Portugal alone, the cork-oak tree provides a vital habitat for a range of flora and fauna, and accounts for the region’s rich biodiversity.


What’s more, cork forests retain millions of tons of carbon dioxide annually, making them crucial in the fight against global warming. Without a sustainable cork industry, this “green lung” of the Mediterranean would


Amorim is committed to preserving the “green lung” of the Mediterranean and works with world’s leading environmental protection groups such as the Forest Stewardship Council (in fact, it was the first packaging company to gain FSC status), to ensure the survival of the ecosystems dependent on these great forests.


So by choosing natural cork products you’ll be doing your bit for the survival of a unique heritage.

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