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 Amazing floor designs with the comfort of cork.


WICANDERS is the premium brand of Amorim Revestimentos, which has been producing nature-inspired flooring solutions since 1868. The Company uses state of the art technology combined with corks’s natural properties, offering high quality floors that are ecologically sound and aesthetically elegant.


The floors are composed by an innovative multi-layered structure resulting in greater comfort.


The product lines were created by a team of designers, architects and marketers, to provide lively spaces and inspired on inimitable patterns, textures and colours of nature.

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Wicanders Cork Floors


Wicanders has a portfolio that combines a wide range of solutions, the products of the Floor and Wall Coverings BUT have revolutionised the traditional concept of cork flooring, by blending the unique properties of this raw material with other materials – for example creating wood, vinyl and other completely innovative visuals – and even incorporating the latest digital printing technology.


This technology enables any type of design to be replicated onto the cork with an unprecedented degree of realism.


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Wicanders 2017 Novelties

The latest floors styles for 2017. Visit the Wicanders Novelties Website for more details – click here

The distinctive style of Cork Flooring


Combining traditional and modern features, Corkcomfort floors are made of a unique multilayer structure. The top finishing layer of wear protection prevents scratches and abrasions due to normal use. The different cork visuals are made with a layer of extremely thin sheets of veneer and, underneath, lays a core layer of pressed cork which provides stability, warmth and comfort under your feet.


This core cork layer, due to its slight resilient qualities, has the ability to bounce back from hard impacts, which makes it very robust and increases the life span of the flooring.


With Corkcomfort floors there is no need to invest in extra underlay to improve sound and thermal properties. Natural cork cells are perfect sound absorbers and insulators.

CorkComfort Image Gallery:

Originals Character

University of Kwa-Zulu Natal Installation:

Hydrocork is the ultimate amazing step in flooring offering a low thickness floating solution with all the benefits of corktech floors.


The most recent Corktech technology enabled the creation of a innovative core board made of composite cork which is water resistant and incredibly stable, while maintaining the resilient properties and unmatched comfort brought by cork.


The product’s 6mm thickness makes it the optimal choice for renovation projects. Very easy to out and install, its strong and balanced structure reduces the telegraphing effect due to subfloor irregularities.

HydroCork Image Gallery:

HydroCork Video:

Ultimate Luxury with the comfort of cork


The sublime balance was achieved. This contemporary technology combines the luxury of vinyl designs with the unique comfort of cork, accomplished with an excellent reproduction of natural textures.


The realistic wood and stone visuals of this collection, with all the benefits or cork inside, are the perfect choice to create comfortable, warmth and peaceful atmospheres.

Vinyl Comfort Image Gallery:

Honey Oak

Authentic Sustainability

With 4mm of cork that comes from a sustainable source, and a high definition eco-friendly decorative, Authentica is the green alternative to solid wood and stone floors.


Redefined to be free of harmful phthalates, and thus contributing to a purer air quality, Authentica is a distinguished ecological choice amidst its counterparts.

Authentica Image Gallery:

Authentica Video:

Design by Nature with the comfort of cork


For the first time, the art of blending the natural embossing of cork with the latest optic image technology allows to achieve a new level of nature reproduction.


Developed by Amorim Revestimentos for WicandersR, the Realistic Surface Technology (RST) is recognized as the new state of the art technology in what concerns to authentic and natural surface reproduction.


It is impressive how natural colors and nuances, grains and textures of natural materials are replicated on the flooring surfaces with such a high level of detail which was not known before.

ArtComfort Image Gallery:

Reinventing sustainable, green and acoustic insulation.


AcoustiCORK solutions are designed to meet the insulation requirements in Sustainable Construction. They offer an excellent acoustic performance (noise impact and air born sound), thermal comfort, waterproofing and anti-vibration solutions. The AcoustiCORK range includes products for underlayment, underscreed, heated floors.


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Underlay options:

T22 – Glue Down wooden floors – only


T61 – Laminate underlay, Glue Down Wooden floors, Ceramic Tiles

T66 – Laminate underlay, Glued down wooden floors, Ceramic tiles, LVT (Luxury vinyl tiles)

T –85 Laminate underlay, Glued down wooden floors, Ceramic tiles, LVT (Luxury vinyl tiles)

Various thicknesses available – please contact for more information.

U32 – Floating Screed

U85 – Cork & recycled PU

Resilient Cork Rubber Flooring


Technical Industrial Flooring TIF 49 is an excellent solution for a variety of demanding industrial and commercial flooring needs.


TIF49 combines the benefits of both cork and rubber to provide a resilient material ideal for many different projects providing walking and standing comfort. It has excellent impact resistance and can protect against damage from dropped tools. It’s a silent final floor that absorbs impact and step noise and is suitable for most indoor uses due to its unique level of flexibility.

TIF49 Installation Gallery at the SABC Studios