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The art of recorking wines has been performed for centuries. Some producers recork their rare vintages wines as after two decades the wine corks’ natural elasticity may deteriorate thus no longer offering a tight seal. At this point, evaporation might occur. For premium wines, the idea is to replace corks roughly every 15 to 30 years.


The recorking process is a skilled operation, and to avoid excess handling, experts usually work with the winemaker at the producer cellar where wines are stored.


As the leading world’s cork specialist, Amorim South Africa had numerous requests by wine producers to assist with the re-corking of their old wines.


With the assistance of resident French sommelier and winemaker Jean Vincent Ridon, who has vast expertise in recorking and reconditioning wine collections in France and South Africa, Amorim Cork South Africa is helping wine producers with recorking on a limited basis.


It is advisable that the wine is not opened before at least three years from recorking/reconditioning as after the re-awakening, it has to undergo a recovery period.


To validate the recorking and as extra security, the new cork might contain a unique number as well as the wording “recorked” or “reconditioned” as well as the year it took place.


A hologram sticker with a unique alphanumeric code is affixed to the bottle. Owners will be able to retrieve information of their recorked or reconditioned wine by typing the code at the tracking system.

Use the exact Seal Number

For example: aa-123456



Recorking service – video overview

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