November 2017

The authoritative publication Drinks and Destinations recently published this authoritative interview with Carlos de Jesus, head of Marketing and Communications at Corticeira Amorim. Written by Rojita Tiwara, there are some profound insights. The closure industry has gone through and is still going through many evolutions at the moment. What are the latest natural cork trends that you are seeing worldwide? We are witnessing two very strong trends worldwide. First is premiumisation that is happening across the board in wine & spirits industry. As packaging is an integral part of the process, cork closures industry is seeing a boost too. Second is sustainability. A premium proposition also has to have a sustainable proposition. Luxury and premium category is becoming more and more intertwined with sustainability. It is a positive conversion of two trends where cork on its own has strong credentials associated with premium products. And when you bring the two together it becomes a strong and beautiful proposition for the world of wine.