January 2018

Read this great summary about the world of cork and its contribution to society and nature. First posted on www.corature.com. Every time you pull out your wallet to make a purchase, you essentially cast a vote for the Earth’s future. The echoes of its impact- for better or worse- will continue to reach future generations of young plants, animals, and humans. If you are someone who looks at ingredients and tags in search of the most Earth-friendly materials, cork should be at the top of your list- and it will be, once you hear its story. When you examine its ecology and get “under its skin”, so to speak, the power of this incredible sustainable material is impossible to ignore.

One of the most energetic growth sectors of the alcohol beverage industry over the past few years has been the spirits market. Cognac, gin, rum, whisky, tequila, vodka….just some of the products enjoying a surge in demand from consumers throughout the world. And part of this growth has been attributed to the emphasis established and craft spirits producers are placing on packaging their products, as style and fashion are as a part of the spirits category as gin and tonic.