April 2019

Amorim South Africa hosts various themed tastings of Portuguese wines during each year, inviting local winemakers to experience a taste of the country’s diverse regions and to thank them for their support. The wines are selected to showcase the ageability of these wines as well as their distinct regionality. We recently tasted the wines from Barraida, and Emile Joubert was there to document this event which was held at Boekenhoutskloof in Franschhoek. The Barraida region of Portugal is rugged in its desolate greenness, knots of pine-trees perched on hill-tops overlooking vineyards snaking down the slopes. During the wet winters and warm summers hardy, broad-faced people farm the vines and the cabbages, the beans and the pigs - the latter generating Barraida’s status as suckling-pig capital of the world. Offering crispy-skinned and sweet-fleshed sustenance to the hungry and tired travellers crossing the province during the long trip north from Lisbon.