Amorim Remembers Allan Mullins

Amorim Remembers Allan Mullins

The recent death of Allan Mullins leaves a hole in the wine world that is not going to be filled. For Amorim, Allan was an especial source of inspiration and endearing colleague due to his love for and knowledge of Cap Classique, a South African wine style we have been supporting for 20 years through the annual Amorim Cap Classique Challenge.

Allan was arguably the world’s leading expert on Cap Classique. His dissertation on this sector of the industry, which earned him a Cape Wine Master qualification in 1986, was followed by a life-long commitment to what he loved to call simply “bubbly”. Since the beginning of the Amorim Cap Classique Challenge, Allan frequently served as judge and convenor, his knowledge bringing an unrivalled level of expertise to this competition. Not only did his refined palate create a supremely high standard of criteria on which the wines were selected, but he also inspired and mentored a large number of winemakers and other judges in the technique and skill required to assess Cap Classique.

During the times Allan served as convenor of the judging panel, his notes on that year’s entries into the competition and his ability to capture the essence of a particular Cap Classique vintage were short master-classes in wine critique and wine writing. He never allowed the enthusiasm and passion for his subject to be clouded by emotion or sweet-talk, and would haul-out the brick-bat when the wines were not up to scratch. Followed by heartfelt recommendations as to how they could be improved.

Allan loved these Cap Classique functions, where his table was always the life of the party. As a Portuguese company, Allan kept reminding us of the special bond we shared during the time Cristiano Ronaldo played for Manchester United, of which he was a fanatical supporter.

In 2014 Amorim instituted the Frans Malan Trophy honouring an individual for his or her contribution to the Cap Classique category. When it was time to select the first recipient, Allan was a unanimous choice.

The loss of Allan is nothing short of a tragedy, one with which his loved ones and the South African wine industry must still fully come to terms with. Our deepest, most sincere condolences to his wife Therese and all members of his family who, like us, have nothing but fond memories of a truly special human being.

Rest in peace, Allan.

O coraçã de um grande homem bate eternamente.