Amorim Floors Stellenbosch’s Sustainability Institute with Cork Tiles

Amorim Floors Stellenbosch’s Sustainability Institute with Cork Tiles

 Natural, sustainable cork-tile flooring donated by Amorim Cork has been laid-out in two of the classrooms at the Sustainability Institute in Lynedoch, Stellenbosch. Founded in 1999, the Institute is an international living and learning centre teaching, exploring and applying ways of being that are restorative. Its focus on children is centred within the Lynedoch Children’s House, Lynedoch Primary Schools and Lynedoch Youth programmes.

The Institute is recognised as a leading expert institution in navigating the transition towards social justice and change in complex futures in Africa and forms an institutional base for some of the top academics in the field.

According to Joaquim Sá, MD of Amorim Cork in South Africa, the Sustainability Institute is a true jewel of the Stellenbosch winelands, doing comprehensive work to foster a tangible culture of the importance of holistic sustainability in Stellenbosch and among society in general.

“A chance visit to the Institute led to Amorim instantly realising the importance of the Sustainability Institute as well as the fact that its work and its staff share Amorim’s ethos of environmentally friendly products, the offset of the carbon footprint and a general ethos committed to natural sustainability,” he says. “Amorim’s product – cork – is one of the world’s most trusted natural products. Not only due to its nature as a recyclable and environmentally friendly item, but in that the use of cork sustains the sensitive eco-systems found in Portugal and other countries in the Mediterranean basin where the cork forests are found.”

Upon reaching out to the Sustainability Institute, Amorim donated 240m² of cork tiles to resurface two of the Institute’s classrooms. The classrooms are used by students from the School of Public Leadership at the University of Stellenbosch who are busy with their Postgraduate Diploma and Masters programmes in Sustainable Development as well as for studying to the Diploma in Sustainable Development undergraduate degree programme.

According to Dr Jess Schulschenk, director for the Sustainability Institute, the cork-flooring installations are both functional and in-line with the Institute’s mission of showcasing sustainability in its practical learning spaces.

“The two classrooms are well-used throughout the day and experience a lot of heavy foot traffic and noise, so apart from its aesthetic appeal and comfort underfoot, the ability of the cork tiles to absorb noise and provide a quieter learning space is fantastic,” says Dr Schulschenk. “A large part of the work done by the Sustainability Institute depends on co-operation and assistance from companies and people who share our goals and our commitment to a legacy of sustainability in the local Stellenbosch and other communities. In this, Amorim Cork has become a valued partner and we look forward to becoming as much a part of their journey on the path to sustainability and environmental conservation as they are now in ours.”