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Transform cork into anything you want.


Cork material is a natural material that is flexible, durable and versatile for use in various sectors such as interior decoration, the footwear industry or transport. Cork is never just cork. It is everything you can do with it.

McNamara surfing the Nazare giant waves with a cork surf board

Reinventing sustainable core materials


The Composite Materials Technology product range is focused on core materials for lightweight composite structures and products, while Sandwich Materials Technology product range is aimed at thermal, acoustical or fire performance for sandwich constructions, used in residential and industrial applications.

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Corkfabrics product takes up a position of importance by presenting itself as a real alternative to traditional fabric.


Hence, it fills a market niche and is a viable solution for several applications. Like leather or suede, it provides a sophisticated look and luxurious touch and is a more practical option since there are no major product maintenance concerns. Cork is easy to clean (just wipe with a damp cloth) and it is highly resistant to water and stains.

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Cork Blocks produced from cork are used in a variety of applications.


Due to the natural cork characteristics – soft, light weight, buoyant, smooth – it is the ideal material for many products such as Cork Yoga Blocks, Cork Sanding blocs and many more.

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